Why can’t I rely on the police to be my security?

Because they have a job to do. Police are police, not security. They provide a very useful and honorable service to their respective communities, but they cannot be everywhere and therefore are reactive in nature. Contract security officers are proactive in nature. They act as a deterrent to would-be troublemakers and are capable of resolving issues BEFORE they become a reportable crime.

How are Arrow Security Network staff screened prior to and during employment?

Virginia State Security Officers must pass a state/federal background check. In addition Arrow Security conducts random drug tests of all employees regardless of billet or time with the company.

Unarmed Security Officers undergo 20+ hours of training ranging from mandatory DCJS courses to ABC T.I.P.S., conflict resolution training and more.

Armed Security Officers receive all of the training required of our unarmed security officers and receive VA State approved firearms training yearly.