Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Lynchburg is so named “City of Seven Hills" or “The Hill City." It lies beside the James River, and is proximate to the geographical center of the state of Virginia. The city is known for both its beauty and its historic significance, being the only major city in Virginia to avoid capture by the Union before the end of the American Civil War. Lynchburg also boasts a significant number of educational institutions, from elementary to university level, including Liberty University and Central Virginia Governor’s School for Science and Technology. The most important measures that can be taken for the safety of any educational facility are preventative. That’s why we offer a number of services for schools that ensure the kind of security that matters most, including Threat Assessment and Mitigation, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, and much more.


Industrial Security Services

We’re quite happy to have a great professional relationship with the hundreds of employees at the J.Crew distribution center in Lynchburg, Virginia. Our staff provide access control, screening all trucks that arrive with shipments. We also escort their staff to their vehicles late at night, as their facility operates 24 hours/day. Distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and other storage areas can be valuable targets for burglary and theft. The sheer volume of product, sometimes in its original packaging can be very desirable to both burglars and less-than-honest employees. Many employees feel they are over-worked and under-appreciated, add a feeling of “there’s so much product, they won’t miss one or two…" and what starts as pocketing a neck-tie or two becomes a slippery slope. Arrow can help your company avoid these losses with security guards, access control, security checkpoints, and inspections.

Retail Security

We’ve been humbled to provide retail security officers to such well-known brands as Victoria’s Secret, kate spade, J.Crew, Designer Shoe Warehouse, Aeropostale’ and more. Our security officers pride themselves on being well-dressed, well mannered, approachable and helpful. We’re about as close as you can get to “in house" security with the benefit of a contract security arrangement. Our officers can be an unarmed, uniformed security guard which is great for deterring theft and threats, or an armed security officer, better equipped to provide protection in response to workplace violence or threats of violence from outside actors.

Student Travel

Throughout Virginia, we’ve been pleased to work with companies like Explore Colleges, Discovery Tours, Gerber Tours and others, as well as individual sports teams and private schools. It can be tempting for young adults to push boundaries and “cut loose” while away from home. We provide tour groups and individual schools with highly trained security officers who embody the Warrior, Ambassador, and Role Model archetype that we take pride in. Our student travel officers are the best in the industry at protecting what matters most. Our highly-trained security officers are available to assist you from the very beginning by providing threat assessments of the hotels you wish to stay in. Upon arrival, our security guards will brief tour guides and other support personnel with emergency procedures, site-specific fire safety and evacuation procedures.

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