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An independent city since 1875, and the capital city of the Commonwealth of Virginia, Richmond is home to over 215,000 residents and several Fortune 500 companies. Richmond is a busy city full of history, art, industry, and craft beer. With all of that culture comes a high demand for professional security services. We have a well-trained team of security officers local to the Richmond area who have proven they can respond to emergency coverage requests with remarkable speed.




Security Guards & Patrols

WHThat’s right, from midnight to 5am every weekend, we provide armed guards for 5 Waffle Houses around RVA. Our armed security officers are well-trained in “verbal judo” and conflict resolution, making easy work out of intoxicated and rowdy patrons.




Construction Site Security

The Pete StoreOn two separate occasions, our RVA team has been tasked with providing unarmed security guards for the Peterbilt Store. Theft and vandalism on construction sites can have extremely detrimental and lasting effects in addition to the obvious costs to repair damage or replace materials. The time it takes to replace those materials may be enough to cause missed deadlines and result in hefty fines. The simplest and surest way to ensure your project remains on-time and under budget is to hire a professional security firm like ours. While under our watch, not a single mishap has occurred at any site we guard.

Event Security

Arrow Security Officer at Yelp eventWe’ve been honored to provide security for many events, large or small, in the RVA area, including those hosted by Yelp. Any venue, any size: we can support it. We’ve handled events ranging in size from 25 – 2,500 guests (at one time) and we’ve never dropped coverage, and we’ve never received a complaint. Coordinators and guests often remark at how friendly, approachable, and respectful our event security officers are.


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