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We’ve developed a team of the most qualified and experienced security consultants in the world. We have on staff the former undersecretary of Homeland Security Michael Brown, former Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer, former Bureau Chief for the New York City Department of Corrections and FBI Executive Fellow, Peter Curcio, former NYPD Detective Squad Commander and College Vice President, Michael Blangiforti, as well as a strong executive team compromised of other retired military, law enforcement and security professionals.

Security Guards & Patrols

We take the business of private security and protective services very seriously. We refuse to “set it, and forget it." We prefer to build lasting and meaningful relationships with each and every one of our clients regardless of the size of the account. Every organization has unique individual needs and we take pride in our ability to meet and exceed expectations.

Dowling College, multiple school districts and neighborhood communities, Brookhaven Rail, People’s United Bank, Marriott Hotels, and Luxottica Eyewear are among our most prestigious clients and are always available for reference.

Site Security


Theft and vandalism on construction sites can have extremely detrimental and lasting effects in addition to the obvious costs to repair damage or replace materials. The time it takes to replace those materials may be enough to cause missed deadlines and result in hefty fines. The simplest and surest way to ensure your project remains on-time and under budget is to hire a professional security firm like Arrow Security of Virginia.


Employee theft, shoplifting, workplace violence….

Don’t you have more important productive things to worry about? Let us handle the safety and security of your staff, customers, and inventory so you can focus on actually running a successful retail operation.


Any venue, any size: we can support it. We’ve handled events ranging in size from 25 – 2,500 guests (at one time) and we’ve never dropped coverage, and we’ve never received a complaint.

Student Travel

It can be tempting for young adults to push boundaries and “cut loose" while away from home. We provide tour groups and individual schools with highly trained security officers who embody the Warrior, Ambassador, and Role Model archetype that we take pride in. Our student travel officers are the best in the industry at protecting what matters most.

Workplace Violence Mitigation

“Every year, approximately two million people throughout the country are victims of non-fatal violence at the workplace. Officials at the Department of Justice have found violence to be a leading cause of fatal injuries at work with about 1,000 workplace homicides each year." – US Dept of Labor 

Workplace violence can have irreparable costs to you and your staff. It’s not predictable, but it can be preventable.

Courier Service

We’ll get your sensitive material to its destination in a timely manner with the utmost care.

Executive Protection

As American’s experience a widening gap between the very wealthy and less wealthy, global business becomes more available to everyone, and [insert whatever the major news outlets are dooming and glooming about this month], close quarters protection becomes more and more necessary, and for some, imperative. Our personal protection specialists are among the highest trained and best equipped in the world. Call us today to determine whether your situation is appropriate for temporary or permanent executive protection services.

Protective Escort

Not everyone needs a 24-hour bodyguard service. Imagine the peace of mind though, knowing that your children aren’t walking home by themselves after school, or worse, riding a crowded and unsupervised bus with bullies or predators. We can provide you with that comfort.