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Our Mission

Arrow Security is one of the fastest growing security guard companies on the GSA. We are an acclaimed firm of security agents with a reputation for both effective security solutions and the use of innovative technology in the protection of life and property. We have a portfolio of completed and on-going projects with particular emphasis on government services. We only employ exceptionally-trained and rigorously-screened security professionals.

In 1999, Fortune 1000 companies lost more than $45 billion from the theft of trade secrets. While hard to measure, this year the cost is estimated closer to $100 billion.
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Our Promise

Arrow Security has taken a unique approach to the business of contract security. Many of our competitors employ guards that have been minimally trained and screened.
Our approach involves a proactive employment of well-groomed, exceptionally trained, physically fit, uniformed security officers.

Our guards are encouraged to be an approachable source of information to patrons, residents, and employees. Letting the public know that we are there for them generates a feeling of community and safety.

Our pre-employment background investigation far exceeds that of most police department jurisdictions. Furthermore, our personnel all submit to a battery of aptitude tests, a 5-panel drug screening, a physical fitness test, and extensive in-service training regarding criminal law and police defensive tactics.

Warfighter Initiative

Investing In The Unique Qualities Of Our Disabled Veterans

There’s a saying that businesses that do well do good. In other words, generosity leads to prosperity. Businesses can do well and do good simultaneously by adding the qualified, highly trained men and women who have served in the U.S. military to their staffs.
Lt. Col (Ret.) Kevin Schmiegel

Chronically high U.S. unemployment has led to a chilly job market, and veterans and military spouses are suffering at an outsize rate. Nationwide, 1 million veterans are jobless, and 1 of 4 military spouses is out of work. Post 9/11 veterans are having the most difficulty, with younger veterans aged 18 to 24 facing a staggering 30% unemployment rate.

Arrow Security of Virginia is immensely proud of the success of its flagship program, The Warfighter Initiative. This is our pursuit to hire an 80% combat veteran workforce, focusing on the disabled veterans returning from Afghanistan/Iraq. We pay a living wage that enables them to support their young families and to continue to serve.

In addition to recruiting veterans into our organization, we highly encourage our young employees to use some of their on-duty hours to pursue higher education.