The Vanguard Program


The #1 loss in the nightclub & bar industry is a result of lawsuits pertaining to untrained or undertrained security staff or “bouncers” being unnecessarily rough with patrons or failing to mitigate preventable accidents. With younger generations becoming increasingly violent in nature and taking less responsibility for their actions, this problem is only going to grow.

When the average patron hears the term “bouncer” they immediately conjure images of round-house-kicking Patrick Swayze or an obese bald man with tattoos on his face and hubcaps in his ears. Many nightclubs foster that image by hiring over-sized ex-jocks, wrestlers, or martial artists to handle drunken or out-of-control patrons. Usually those bouncers have little experience and receive no real formal training in conflict resolution or criminal law. The same industry that tells hostesses that they must keep the highest appearance standards (because they set the first impression and represent the image of the venue) fails to extend those same standards for those “strong silent types” checking ID’s at the front door. Arrow Security of Virginia is working to change all that with the launch of The Vanguard Program.

Originally founded in 2010, with the mission of bringing professionalism and legitimacy to the nightlife security industry, The Vanguard Program has a cadre of instructors highly skilled in conflict resolution, fake ID prevention, emergency preparedness, report writing and more. The Vanguard Program is an attempt to deploy those instructors around the country to bars and nightclubs interested in a higher quality of security officer.

The Vanguard Program isn’t a seminar-like scam where they take your money and talk at your staff for eight hours in a stuffy conference room at a cheap hotel. It is a relationship built in three phases

Phase 1: Information gathering / Penetration testing.

Arrow staff collect information about the client and then sends two undercover instructors to test the reality/reliability of their current security program. (Under no circumstances will Arrow staff cause disruption of business or create a liability in the client’s venue.)

Phase 2: Initial Training.

Those same instructors return for four days of intense, hands-on training and review of lessons learned.

Phase 3: Periodic Reassessment.

“The ladder of excellence extends to eternity.” Arrow staff return to the client’s venue on a semi-regular schedule to ensure the knowledge gained from the initial training is enduring and, where possible, provide advanced training.

*Disclaimer: Arrow Security is not a Virginia DCJS school. We provide training nationwide to nightlife security staff. Our training is focused on the specific demands of the nightlife security industry and is not and should not be considered an alternative to any state-required training.